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In today's fast-paced, results-driven world, leadership is often defined by the numbers. Yet, a deeper dimension of leadership transcends quarterly reports and KPIs—your character. "The Tricycle Effect: How Leading with Character First Determines Your Success and Significance in Life" explores this untapped aspect of leadership, making the compelling case that your character is not just a moral attribute but a driving force behind your overall success and significance in life.

This course, based on my book The Tricycle Effect, employs the metaphor of a tricycle. The front wheel—your character—leads to significance by adding value to others. The two back wheels lead to your success by adding value to yourself. When your character wheel is strong and steers you in the right direction, it naturally propels you toward meaningful achievements, adding value to others, making a difference in the lives of others, and thereby building an enduring legacy.


  1. Foundational Understanding: Understand why character is the cornerstone of authentic leadership and how it influences every decision you make.

  2. Personal Growth: Engage with thought-provoking exercises and actionable advice to build a strong character foundation.

  3. Holistic Success: Learn how leading with character first doesn't just make you a better leader but a better person, partner, and community member.

  4. Higher Engagement: Discover how character-based leadership inspires loyalty, trust, and high performance among your team or organization.

  5. Long-term Impact: Grasp how character-centric leadership leaves a lasting imprint, turning your short-term wins into long-term legacies.

  6. Ethical Resilience: Develop a strong moral compass that helps you navigate ethical dilemmas and tough decisions with clarity and confidence.

  7. Life Balance: Understand how the principles of character-based leadership can extend beyond the workplace into more meaningful relationships and a fulfilling personal life.

In "The Tricycle Effect" book, you're not just reading another book on leadership; you're gaining a holistic blueprint for a life of impactful leadership and personal fulfillment. In this course, you can reflect on "Character-driven leadership" and make changes in your own life with leadership, using action steps and assignments that will help you dial in the strength of your leadership like nothing before.  Lead with your character first, and watch how it transforms your personal life, your career, and your entire life's journey toward enduring success and significance.

10 Lessons

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Welcome Lesson - "The Tricycle Effect" (TTE) Course Journey Begins

The goal of this Inroductory Lesson is to Welcome you to The Tricycle Effect Mini-Course and familiarize you with how our course platform will work for you. Trike On!

Lesson 1 - Character or Competence?

This lesson aims to introduce learners to the foundational principles of The Tricycle Effect, setting the stage for mastering leadership through character, competence, and courage.

Lesson 2 - The Three-Legged Stool vs. The Tricycle

The goal of this lesson is to introduce the history and meaning of the Three-Legged Stool and how that turned into The Tricycle.

Lesson 3 - The Character Skills Wheel

The goal of this Character Skills Wheel Lesson is to understand the different character skills/spokes and build your own Character Wheel Spokes with scores to see how well your Character Skills are developed.

Lesson 4 - The Competence Wheels =The Balance in Life

This lesson has a goal for you to understand how we need to balance our People Skills so they are as important as our Technical Skills.

Lesson 5 - The Competence Skills Wheel: Technical Skills

The goal in this lesson is to make sure you understand the Technical Wheel Spokes and how they also need to be balanced in life. Too much of any one thing creates imbalance in life.

Lesson 6 - The Competence Skills Wheel: People Skills

This lesson aims to help you undertand the People Skills and how very important they are to balancing the Competence Skills in TTE.

Lesson 7 - The Seat of Courage

At the conclusion of this lesson, you will understand why leading with character first requires courage to make the right decsions in life at the right time and for the right reason.

Lesson 8 - Character + Competence = The Tricycle Effect (TTE)

At the conclusion of this lesson, you will understand why leading with character first requires courage to make the right decsions in life at the right time and for the right reason.

Conclusion Lesson - The Journey Continues

This is our final lesson in The Tricycle Effect Course journey. We recap the main concepts of the Tricycle and provide some final coaching tips and encouragement to get "Trikin'" in life! Congratulations!